People, personal relationships communities and culture influence our brand, these connections expand through social intercourse.

Heavily influenced by the cosmopolitan hustle, we believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. You keep everything “posi” engaging with likeminded sociable people. You love conversation, coffee, beer, wine, music and of course, style. Personal relationships, people, communities and culture influence our brand, one that understands that connections expand through social intercourse. Keeping it “posi” is ultimately about building community through high quality casual wearables

"Up The Anti"

A light hearted play on the "ASSC" but we really need to "Up The Anti" in our communities and the environment, engaging in social intercourse is the first step.

Why 8

Number 8 – is a lucky number in Chinese and other Asian cultures, it’s the most important of all billiard balls, the Black Ball. The infinity symbol – sideward 8 – assists in the instantly identifiable P when a positive sign is added without disruption to the flow.


We shall establish alliances as sponsors of Music and Arts festivals keeping youthful current and true to our brand. Long term goals as a "community brand” we would like a combined social interactive shopping experience over a fresh juice, coffee or drink of choice with an in-house cafe establishment enhancing Social Intercourse.

Work Together

Want to work together

We are actively in pursuit of retail partnership and collaboration to extend our market visibility seeking wholesale and distribution sales channels to bring POSI to international markets.

Trademarked in UK, registered in USA, EU, NZ, HK & Aust 

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